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1903 Tour de France - Stage 1 - Velo Peloton
Tour de France
1903 Tour de France
Nov 16, 2014
1903 Tour de France
Tour de France History
Nov 16, 2014
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1903 Tour de France – Stage 1

1903 Tour de France

1903 Tour de France

Stage: 1 – 1 July : Paris – Lyon, 467 km

For the 1903 Tour de France – Stage 1 there were 79 riders entered in the race. Only 60 turned up at the start of which only 37 would finish the first stage into Lyon the following day. The stage started at 15:16. The riders raced through the night with the winner Maurice Garin arriving in Lyon at 09:00 the following morning. The last rider to finish would be 20 hours behind Garin. The bikes weighed about 12 kilos and were fixed wheel. The rear wheel had a sprocket each side. One big and one small. Riders would have to remove the wheel and flip it around and then refit it to change gear. As the wheels were fixed, they had to pedal down hill. Bikes were without lights and had one brake on the front. Riders had to carry all their own spares and tools.

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1903 Tour de France - Stage 1

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1903 Tour de France - Stage 1 Start: 48.718977, 2.444125

This is an approximation of the route. It is not 100% accurate.

1903 Tour de France

1903 Tour de France Start Café au Reveil Matin

Result 1903 Tour de France – Stage 1
1 Maurice Garin FRA in 17h 45m 13s
2 Émile Pagie FRA @ 55s
3 Léon Georget FRA @ 34m 59s
4 Fernand Augereau FRA @ 01h 02m 48s
5 Jean-Baptiste Fischer FRA @ 01h 04m 53s
6 Marcel Kerff BEL @ 01h 42m 53s
7 Alois Catteau BEL @ 01h 48m 55s
8 Ernest Pivin FRA @ 01h 49m 47s
9 Léon Habets FRA @ 02h 08m 15s
10 François Beaugendre FRA @ 02h 08m 26s
11 Rodolfo Muller ITA @ 02h 57m 49s
12 Henri Gauban FRA @ 02h 57m 49s
13 Anton Jaeck SUI @ 02h 57m 49s
14 Lucien Pothier FRA @ 02h 57m 49s
15 Marcel Lequatre SUI @ 02h 57m 49s
16 Georges Pasquier FRA @ 02h 57m 49s
17 Charles Laeser SUI @ 03h 02m 56s
18 Julien Lootens BEL @ 03h 06m 42s
19 Josef Fischer GER @ 03h 23m 41s
20 Gaston-René Salais FRA @ 04h 59m 16s
21 Georges Borot FRA @ 04h 59m 16s
22 Isidore Le Chartier FRA @ 05h 05m 56s
23 Jean Dargassies FRA @ 05h 18m 56s
24 Julien Girbe FRA @ 06h 58m 46s
25 Alexandre Foureaux FRA @ 07h 23m 56s
26 François Monachon FRA @ 07h 24m 48s
27 Philippe De Balade FRA @ 07h 24m 48s
28 H. Ellinamour FRA @ 07h 35m 56s
29 Ferdinand Payan FRA @ 08h 02m 48s
30 Gustave Guillarme FRA @ 08h 02m 50s
31 Léon Pernette FRA @ 08h 45m 21s
32 Lucien Barroy FRA @ 08h 45m 21s
33 Arsène Millocheau FRA @ 08h 53m 59s
34 Emile Moulin FRA @ 09h 27m 44s
35 Ludwig Barthelmann GER @ 10h 37m 42s
36 Pierre Desvages FRA @ 12h 30m 44s
37 Eugène Brange FRA @ 19h 57m 36s

The following riders abandoned on stage 1.

Hippolyte Aucouturier FRA Abandoned
Louis Barbrel FRA Abandoned
Jules Sales BEL Abandoned
Edouard Wattelier FRA Abandoned
Claude Chapperon FRA Abandoned
Jean Bedéne FRA Abandoned
Armand Périn FRA Abandoned
Eugène Geay FRA Abandoned
Benjamin Mounier FRA Abandoned
Paul Mercier SUI Abandoned
Léon Durandeau FRA Abandoned
Léon Riche FRA Abandoned
A. Lassartigue FRA Abandoned
L. Fougere FRA Abandoned
Emile Torisani ITA Abandoned
Henri Charrier FRA Abandoned
Paul Trippier FRA Abandoned
Jean Baptiste Zimmermann FRA Abandoned
Victor Lefevre FRA Abandoned
Auguste Daumain FRA Abandoned
Charles Quetier FRA Abandoned
François Poussel FRA Abandoned
Edouard Wattelier FRA Abandoned

The following riders did not start.

Charles Prevost FRA Did Not Start
G. Dorlin FRA Did Not Start
Adolphe Dorion FRA Did Not Start
Marcel Valpic FRA Did Not Start
Gabriel Baraquin FRA Did Not Start
Auguste Lapree FRA Did Not Start
Emile Fichter FRA Did Not Start
Paul Emile FRA Did Not Start
François Julien FRA Did Not Start
Paul Rosa FRA Did Not Start
Georges Leblais FRA Did Not Start
Louis Trousselier FRA Did Not Start
I. Vermeulen BEL Did Not Start
? Pamateur SUI Did Not Start
Nicolas Yourassof FRA Did Not Start
Louis Constant FRA Did Not Start
Lucien Petit-Breton FRA Did Not Start
? Margot FRA Did Not Start
Walter Madorin SUI Did Not Start

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