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Velo Peloton Cycling Tours 2018 Tour de France Route Rent a bike in the Pyrenees. Rent a bike in the Pyrenees. STAGE TYPE DATE START AND FINISH DISTANCE DETAILS 1 On line Saturday, July 7, 2018 Noirmoutier en l’ile / Fontenay-le-Comte 189 km STAGE 1 2 On line Sunday, July 8, 2018 Mouilleron-Saint-Germain / La

The route of 2017 Tour de France has been presented in Paris this morning, 18th October 2016. TOUR DE FRANCE 2017 Running from Saturday July 1st to Sunday July 23th 2017, the 104th Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,516 kilometres. These stages have

The 40th edition of Route du Sud will take place from 16th to 19th June 2016. There are 5 stages which will cover a total distance of 642km. There will be 15 teams taking part and will range from Pro Tour to Continental. It is the last stage race before Le Tour de France and

2016 Tour de France Route Rumours. This page will contain all the info I come across about the route of 2016 Tour de France up to the presentation on the route in October 2015. Rumours, hearsay and wild speculation. 2016 Tour de France to start in Normandy. The 2016 Tour de France will be the 103

2015 Criterium de Lacq-Audejos The 2015 Criterium de Lacq-Audejos is one of the post Tour de France criteriums which take place all over Europe in the weeks after Le Tour has ended. Usually there are 30 riders, half of whom will have ridden that years Tour and half who are local club riders. The pros

Le Tour de France 2015 in the Pyrénées Le Tour de France 2015 will spend 4 days in the Pyrenees. A rest day in Pau on 13 July and 3 stages in the mountains on 14th, 15th and 16th July. Stage 10 Tarbes / La Pierre-Saint-Martin 167KM La Pierre-Saint-Martin Stage 11 Pau / Cauterets –

Stage: 6 – 19 July : Nantes – Paris/Parc des Princes, 471.00 km 1903 Tour de France – Stage 6 started at 18:00 in the city centre of Nantes. There was a huge crowd in attendance. After the events of the previous day Garin is booed while Augereau was applauded and cheered. As the race left Nantes

Stage: 5 – 13 July : Bordeaux – Nantes, 425 km Stage 5 started at 23:00, it was an easy victory for Garin. His only real rival for the GC was Georget who abandoned at La Rochelle  feeling very unwell. Garin easly won the stage in a sprint with 2 of his domestics. Fernand Augereau arrived 10

Stage: 4 – 10 July : Toulouse – Bordeaux, 268 km First foreign stage victory. 1903 Tour de France – Stage 4. The riders are divided into 2 groups again for this stage. There were 25 riders left in the GC competition. It is once again the second group that produced the winner. Swiss rider Charles Laeser

Stage: 3 – 7 July : Marseille – Toulouse, 423 km 1903 Tour de France – Stage 3. The race was started in 2 groups. Those who competed for the GC left 1 hour before 5 riders who competed for the stage only. Hippolyte Aucouturier started in the second bunch. Eugene Brange won the sprint from the

Stage: 2 – 4 July : Lyon – Marseille, 374 km 1903 Tour de France – Stage 2 from Lyon to Marseille 347 km. Stage 2 started at 02:00. 42 riders started but only 37 would finish. The stage finished in the village of Saint-Antoine about 10 km from Marseille. This stage was won by Hippolyte Aucouturier

Tour de France History A brief history of Le Tour de France . The greatest show on earth, le Tour is the largest annual sporting event in the world. Introduction – Origins A newspaper publicity stunt, personal animosity and class warfare set to the backdrop of one of the biggest political scandals in French history. The story of

Stage: 1 – 1 July : Paris – Lyon, 467 km For the 1903 Tour de France – Stage 1 there were 79 riders entered in the race. Only 60 turned up at the start of which only 37 would finish the first stage into Lyon the following day. The stage started at 15:16. The riders

1903 Tour de France Origins of Le Tour de France 4 days after they lost the court case forcing the name change, Henri Desgrange announced his plans for Le Tour de France in L’Auto. The original itinerary was for the race to start on 31st May and finish on 5th July. with an entry fee

Tour de France History – Origins The Dreyfus Affair The Tour de France has its origins in the political scandal known as the Dreyfus Affair which rocked France and Europe in the last decade of the 19th century. The scandal began in November 1894, with the treason conviction of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a young French artillery officer

Circle of Death The “Circle of Death” is the hardest Tour de France stage in the Pyrenees. It is a place where the Tour is often won and lost. In modern times it has been the 200 km from Luchon to Pau or vise versa. In 1910 it was the start of 326 km from Luchon to Bayonne.

The route of the 2015 Tour de France has been presented in Paris today. There will be 3 stages in the Pyrenees. Tarbes – Col de la Pierre Saint Martin. Pau – Cauterets – Vallee de Saint-Savin Lannemezan – Plateau de Beille