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Col de Puymorens - Velo Peloton
Oct 25, 2014
Col du Portillon
Col du Portillon
Oct 25, 2014
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Col de Puymorens

Col de Puymorens

Col de Puymorens

Mountains Cat-HCCol de Puymorens

Col has been used by Tour de FranceCol de Puymorens is a Cat HC climb in Ariége. The summit is at 1915 metres altitude near the border of France, Spain and Andorra. It was first used in Le Tour de France in 1913 and last in 1993. The road to the col is very busy and it has very much fallen out of favour with cyclists over the last couple of decades. If climbing fro Ax-les-Thermes much of it is dual carriageway and there are lots of trucks using the route between France and Spain via the Tunnel du Puymorens. There is also a tunnel leading to Andorra. 2.8km from the summit there is a right turn which will take you to Pas de la Casa in Andorre and up to Port d’Envalira, at 2407 metres the high paved road in the Pyrenees. It is an unpleasant experience to cycle this road. Best avoided in my view.

Col de Puymorens

Col de Puymorens

Climb Col de Puymorens

Cat Hc from Ax-les-Thermes, 27.2km @ 4.4% gaining 1200 metres. Road N20 and N320.

Col de Puymorens

Col de Puymorens Profile from Ax-Les-Thermes


Cat 1 from Latour de Carol, 18.8km @ 3.6%. Road N20 and N320.


Col de Puymorens profile from Latour de Carol

Col has been used by Tour de FranceTour de France

1913 : M. Buysse
1914 : c.g.
1919 : Barthélémy
1920 : Lambot
1921 : Lucotti
1922 : E. Masson
1923 : H. Pélissier
1924 : Thys
1925 : Bottecchia
1926 : L. Buysse
1927 : Frantz
1928 : Frantz
1929 : B. Faure
1930 : c.g.
1931 : B. Faure
1932 : Cacioni
1933 : A. Magne
1934 : Vietto
1935 : F. Vervaecke
1936 : Ezquerra
1937 : Berrendero
1957 : Bourles
1964 : J. Jimenez
1965 : Perez Frances
1973 : P. Torres
1976 : Perurena
1993 : Rincon.


  1. thomas says:

    … unless you do it at night, as I did last June: it then becomes a unique experience. Departing from Ax Casino at 2h30 am after a short night, with my poor headlight on and thanks to full moon. Did a nice climb, took a left on D22 at L’Hospitalet: road was closed to traffic so I was alone. You should have seen the face of the customs guy nodding as if I was crazy. Arrived Pas de la Case around 5:30 am, no one out there. An extra couple of hairpins to Port d’Envalira, super sunrise from the col: a fantastic experience! I was passed by less than 10 cars both ways during the whole climb… hence the night choice. Riding in the dark is a very special feeling.


    • velopeloton says:

      Hi Thomas

      That is so cool, well done, love the photo.
      Sunrise from Port d’Envalira does sound like a special experience.

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