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Is Col du Tourmalet Open? - 2018 - Velo Peloton
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Jan 11, 2018
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Is Col du Tourmalet Open? – 2018

Col du Tourmalet

Is Col du Tourmalet open?

25/May/2018 Yes.

24/May/2018 No.

Col du Tourmalet will be open from 16:00 tomorrow.
Col d’Aubisque has opened this evening.

Bonne Route!

17/May/ 2018. No.

Work has restarted on opening  Col du Tourmalet. Word is one to two weeks.

13/May/2018. No

Winter returns with fresh falls of snow yesterday afternoon.

05/05/2018. No

Getting close now, but not there yet. There have been heavy falls of fresh snow this week.

15/04/2018. No.

Work has started on clearing the snow on both sides of the col. It is estimated that the snow is 10 metres deep on the eastern side and 6.5 metres on the west. The main part of the work will take 2 weeks.

11/04/2018. No

Still lots of snow. The ski station is now closed. I expect the col to be open in approx 5 weeks.

14 February 2018. No
Currently under 4 metres of snow. Usually, it opens in mid-May.

Col du Tourmalet


  1. Stu says:

    The road surface is poor on the Campan side. Beware !

  2. Stu Hammond says:

    The road surface is very poor on the Campan side please beware.

  3. Maarten says:

    You think it will all be open by May 14th?

  4. Kerry LeBlanc says:

    Hello all. Thanks for this valuable info! I will be in the region on May 26 with the dream of climbiming Tourmalet May 28. Appreciate all the updates as well get closer to the date. Thanks,

  5. Colin Mackie says:

    Is the col du tourlamet open now?

    Thank you


  6. John Nightingale says:

    Hi we are coming over 19th May. do you think the Col will be open by then?

  7. Ross says:

    Thanks for these updates – very useful! Any news on the landslide on the Solour side of the Aubisque? That looked like it would take months to clear!

  8. John Nightingale says:

    With fresh falls of snow how likely is it to be open by 19th?

  9. John Nightingale says:

    Is it possible Aspin will be open? and maybe some of the other ‘smaller’ Cols?

    • velopeloton says:

      You can assume that anything under 1800M, except Col d’Aubisque, will be open. Col d’Aubisque may be free of snow, but if the gate is closed don’t be tempted to pass. It’s closed for a reason, very dangerous road when there is still snow on the mountain above. Aspin, Hautacam, Soulor, Couraduque, Luz Ardiden, Cauterets and many others are open.

  10. Lionel Ulmer says:

    Note that you can check the status here for Tourmalet, Aspin, … (you have the same site for Ariege and Haute Garonne for other moutain passes in the Pyrénées 🙂 ).

  11. Clare says:

    Thanks for the helpful info. Could we rely on it being open until the end of October do you think? Thanks!

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