Is Col du Tourmalet Open? – 2015

Is Col du Tourmalet Open? – 2015
Col du Tourmalet

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Is Col du Tourmalet Open 2015?

Col du Tourmalet – Col du Tourmalet Photo Map

20th November 2015

Col du Tourmalet and Col d’Aubisque have closed today and are expected to reopen in May 2016.


21st May 2015

Col du Tourmalet has reopened.


20th May 2015

Cirque du Litor, the road between Col du Soulor and Col d’Aubisque is now open. Col du Tourmalet is expected to reopen tomorrow.


19th May 2015

Col du Tourmalet is temporarily closed due to weather conditions.


13th May 2015

Col du Tourmalet will be opened at 16:30 this afternoon.


10th May 2015

Col du Tourmalet open
One of our Lapierre Pyrenees Bike Rental on Col du Tourmalet.

8th May 2015

It’s not officially open, but it is passable.

Not officially open but passable.
Not officially open but passable. Col du Tourmalet on Friday 8th May 2015
Col du Tourmalet open
1.5km from the summit.
col du tourmalet open
2km from the summit.

Photo Gallery from Col du Tourmalet on 8th May 2015.


Thanks to David ( who sent this photo, the snow is clear on the western side of Col du Tourmalet up to 1.8km from the summit.

clearing the snow, 1.8km from the summit.
Clearing the snow, 1.8km from the summit.


5th May 2015

Col du Tourmalet Open
Temperatures down in the valley reached 29c.

There was very strong winds yesterday which carried warm air from the south, resulting in a rapid melting of snow. Wind was recorded at 156kmph on Pic du Midi in the afternoon. The Gave de Pau river rose by 1 metre at Lourdes. The snow ploughs are at work clearing the road and are in the last 3 kilometres. The weather forecast for the next week is very good with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the mid to high 20’s. Maybe it will be open by the end of next week 🙂




2nd May 2015

On the western side the snow has been cleared as far as Super-Baréges ski station, 4km from the summit at 1800m altitude. There is still plenty of snow on the road above the ski station, which is not expected to be clear for at least 3 weeks.


29th April 2015

Work on clearing the roads on Col du Tourmalet has started and then stopped due to fresh snow.

This picture taken from Pyrénées Cycling Lodge yesterday morning shown the fresh snow down to 1400 metres. the forecast for the next week is good with some warm sunny days.

Is Col du Tourmalet Open? Fresh snow on the Pyrenees
Fresh snow on the Pyrenees, view from Saint-Savin towards Col du Tourmalet.


20th April 2015

There was fresh snow down to 1600 metres yesterday. Other than that it has mostly been warm and dry for the last few weeks. However there is still a lot of very compacted snow remaining from winter, consequently it is expected that Col du Tourmalet will not be open until the end of May or the first week in June.


14 April 2015

The statue of Le GĂ©ant du Tourmalet will be returned to the col on Saturday 6th June, departing Pierrefitte-Nestalas at 09:30.


12 April 2015

Very warm and sunny this last week. Snow is melting well. Lets hope it continues.

Road is blocked 4km from the summit on eastern side and 7km on west.


31 March 2015

The road is blocked by snow 7km from the summit on the western side (Luz) and 4km from the summit on the eastern side (La Mongie).


21 March 2015

The ski station will close on 6th April.


01 March 2015

Very heavy snow on the mountains this week. Reports are that there is up to 8 metres in places. This coming week is the last busy week of the ski season. After that, lets hope it’s a warm spring.


23 February 2015

The ski season is currently in full swing. It’s the school holidays and this is the busiest week of the season. There had been a lot of snow this last month so all the skiers are very happy. We have had some spring like weather down here in Saint-Savin with temperatures up to 23c last week..

 20 January 2015

Col du Tourmalet is closed. The ski season opened at the beginning of December 2014 and is expected to finish in mid April 2015. Usually Col du Tourmalet opens in mid May.

Is Col du Tourmalet open 2015? I’ll periodically update this page as the year progresses.

Col du Tourmalet open
Col du Tourmalet


Col du Tourmalet


Apr 2, 2015
I checked it out today. The road to Tourmalet is really still blocked due to snow.


Apr 4, 2015
Thanks Jens. Great photo.
Apr 8, 2015
The first Racer from backsite this Year on the Tourmalet. He was stopped by the snow 4 km before the summit. East Side La Mongie


Apr 11, 2015
Thank you Horst.
May 8, 2015
Hello Paddy, Was on the western side of Col du Tourmalet yesterday: beautiful ! The road is clear until 1,8km to to top !

clearing the snow, 1.8km from the summit.

May 10, 2015
Thanks for the image on the Tourmalet summit. Very happy to have met you. Michel
May 11, 2015
Likewise. It was very nice to meet you. It was a brave ride up there is those conditions.
Julian arroyave
Dec 3, 2015
Hello. About the closing date noviembre 20 of tourmalet, does tenis mean tours aré over, or that de mountain si clósed due to snow?? This weekend is imposible to clima it?? Thanks i amo in San Sebastián spain...
Dec 10, 2015
It's under snow.

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