Eugene Christophe Story

Eugene Christophe Story

Tour de France TV presenter and producer, Gérard Holtz has been in the area for the past 2 weeks filming a TV programme about the events of the 1913 Tour de France. The Eugene Christophe story is one of the great legends of Le Tour de France. Locations have included Hautacam and Saint-Savin, it will be shown on France2 on 7th July at 17:50. It is called “Le Vieux Gaulois et sa Petite Reine”.

Gérard Holtz
Gérard Holtz, giving directions.
Saint Savin Tour de France film
It didn’t all go to plan. The car wouldn’t start.
Hubert Arbes
5 times Tour de France rider Hubert Arbes is one of the extras.


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