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Hautacam 100 - Velo Peloton
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Hautacam 100

Hautacam 100

Personal challenge to climb Hautacam 100 times in 2014.

4th December 2014

Finished with a few weeks to spare. The first 97 were the hardest. It got easier after that.

hautacam-december-2014-0330 hautacam-december-2014-0332 hautacam-december-2014-0337

3rd December 2014

Ride 98. Change in the weather, it was -2.9c at the top and +2c at the bottom.

hautacam-december-2014-0300 hautacam-december-2014-0314 hautacam-december-2014-0328


1st December 2014

Taking a rest day today after 2 very hard days. I’ve now completed 97 climbs.

Hautacam 100 No 95, 96 & 97Hautacam 100 No 92, 93 & 94
Hautacam 100

Hautacam on the first ride on Sunday morning. By the time I made the summit it was raining and continued to all day.

29th November 2014.

Plans don’t always workout. Thursday I had planned to do 3 climbs. It was a nice calm and mild day at the bottom. By 5 km to go it started to get windy. At 3km from the top I got blown off the bike and the bike blown off the road and over the edge. Luckily it was not a big drop and I retrive it undamaged. I made to the top but that was it for day and the next day.

On Saturday I rode it 3 times. I’m now on 94 and plan to be finished in the next 3 or 4 days all being well.

25th November.

I have 90 rides completed. A few big days now and I’m finished.

13 November 2014

Getting close now, I need to finish it in the next 2 weeks. Today was my 84th ascent.

Hautacam, November 8th 2014.

Hautacam, November 8th 2014. View from the finish at the ski station.

Paddy McSweeney selfie


8th November 2004.

Today was my 80th ride. It was a beautiful day, very calm with the occasional burst of warm sunshine. I plan to be finished my challenge in 3 weeks time.

Hautacam 100 No 80

Max elevation: 1499 m
Total climbing: 1155 m

6th September 2014.

Today was my 60th ride.
Strava – Hautacam 100 No 60

Now that the busiest period of the summer is over it’s time to get back to my challenge to ride Hautacam 100 times in 2014. It’s been a long and hard summer, we’ve not had a day off since the beginning of May and won’t for another 6 weeks yet. Slow and steady does it. Yesterday was my first time in a month and number 53. So far August has been a lot colder and wetter than average and as you can see in the photo everything is still very green.


Hautacam on 23rd August 2014.

Strava – Hautacam 100 No 53

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Hautacam: 42.973820, -0.009270
Fountain: 42.997676, -0.061820
Cafe: 42.972502, -0.003390
Cafe: 42.971100, -0.019151
Cafe: 42.975147, -0.046467
Cafe: 42.971560, -0.009356
Col de Tramassel: 42.971371, -0.003090
Indurain: 42.971622, -0.018196
Bjarne Riis: 42.981874, -0.044889
Pyrenees Cycling Lodge: 42.981246, -0.092118
Ski Station: 42.971858, -0.007145
Nibali and the bikini girl.: 42.988784, -0.043184
Contador training: 42.973130, -0.025749
View of Argeles-Gazost: 42.973695, -0.027423
Arthur Vichot: 42.974912, -0.014666
Tour de France 2008: 43.001917, -0.062099
Hautacam Start: 43.002513, -0.068879
Hautacam: 42.977117, -0.012703
Hautacam: 42.975830, -0.085595
Hautacam Finish: 42.973726, -0.009205
Hautacam 500m: 42.976254, -0.008841
Col de Tramassel: 42.972313, -0.003594
Hautacam 2.5km : 42.972454, -0.022058
Hautacam: 42.973962, -0.009334
Arbouix: 42.997844, -0.061916
Fountain: 43.005126, -0.065006
Vélo Peloton Pyrénées Bike Rental: 43.018917, -0.096388
Vélo Peloton Pyrénées Coffee Shop: 43.019188, -0.096205

Hautacam Map
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  1. David says:

    Hi Paddy,

    Even if it’s not getting any easier as you say, it seems that you climb faster than in January,
    isn’t it ?

    Hats off to you for this 50th climb of Hautacam.

  2. Noel says:

    50 + hautacams? Chapeauuu!! Brilliant blogs, very informative im sold on visiting, as soon as i getvthe fitness and legs to tackle tge tourmalet

  3. John Brennan says:

    No. 100 is going to feel so good. Well done Paddy, almost over the line. I’d hate to be in your house when the New Year’s Resolutions are being handed out ! …but good on you, you stuck to the plan.

  4. Keith Peters says:

    Way to go, Paddy, that’s quite an accomplishment. By my rough math about 1500 kilometers of climbing for over 100,000 meters in elevation gain. Not a bad years total, even if that’s all you did, which I know isn’t the case. Cheers!

  5. Peter Kent says:

    Paddy, what an achievement – a century of Hautacams. But am I the only one curious about the pony selfie on 3 December? Trust you made the best of that 100th descent.

    • VeloPeloton says:

      Hi Peter
      Thanks. The last ride was fun, not so sure about the other 99. Me and the ponies are good friends. I feed them bananas and cereal bars.

  6. Milton Speer says:

    Congratulations Paddy

    What’s next ? Have you got another challenge in mind for next year?

    Best wishes,

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