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Is Col du Tourmalet Open? – 2016

Col du Tourmalet

Col du TourCol du Tourmaletmalet

Is Col du Tourmalet Open 2016?

Col du Tourmalet – Col du Tourmalet Photo Map

8th November 2016

Col du Tourmalet and Col d’Aubisque are now closed. They are not expected to reopen untill mid May 2017.

14th September 2016

Gorge de Luz Closure

Gorge de Luz is the road (D921) on the western side of Col du Tourmalet. There have been several rock falls on the road this year. Apparently there is a lot of unstable material on the cliff above the road. Work will be carried out removing this and stabilizing the cliff. The road through the gorge will be closed for the week of Monday 26th September 2016 to Friday 30th September 2016 between 09:00 and 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00. The following week, Monday 3rd to Friday 7th of October 2016 the road will be closed completely. The only access to Luz or Gavarnie will be via Col du Tourmalet.

20th May, 17:15

Gorge de Luz has reopened.

19th May 2016

Due to a rockfall in Gorge de Luz access to the western side of Col du Tourmalet is impossible. The rockslide which occurred yesterday morning has resulted in closure of the road D921 between Villelongue and Luz. At the earliest the road will reopen on Friday afternoon 20th May. However I understand that there is a possibility it will be closed for several weeks.

gorge de luz

gorge de luz

13 May 20016

Col du Tourmalet is now open!

11 May 2016

Col du Tourmalet is passable for cyclists from both sides. It is not yet open and is impassable for cars.

30 April 2016

Fresh snow today. The road is unpassable.

29 April 2016

Col du Tourmalet today. Not officially open but passable.

15 April 2016

The ski station is closed and work on clearing the road has started. There is still a risk of avalanche on some sections so it will probably be 4 weeks to clear it all.

Col du Tourmalet

Col du Tourmalet, 8km from the summit.

Col du Tourmalet

Col du Tourmalet, 5km from the summit. Remember the pedestrians incident from last July.

Col du Tourmalet

Col du Tourmalet

Col du Tourmalet

Col du Tourmalet. 4km from the summit the road is blocked by snow.

05 April 2016

Col du Tourmalet is closed.

Snow continues to fall in what has been a recent cold period. The ski station is due to close in 3 weeks time.


04 March 2016 – Closed

After a very mild winter, there has been good snow in the last 2 weeks and good skiing has been reported. Warm spring like weather is due to return next week and the first of the ski station closures should be next week also.


01 January 2016 – Closed

Col du Tourmalet is closed. The ski season opened at the beginning of December 2014 and is expected to finish in mid April 2015. Usually Col du Tourmalet opens in mid May.

Is Col du Tourmalet open 2016? I’ll periodically update this page as the year progresses.

Col du Tourmalet open

Col du Tourmalet

Col du Tourmalet


  1. John Brennan says:

    Happy ‘New Years Resolution’ night Paddy ! Be careful what you wish for….
    Great article in December ‘Cyclist’.
    Best wishes for 2016 to you, Olive & Sean.

  2. David Bell says:

    How far up can I ride Tourmalet in mid March?

  3. David Bell says:

    Coming from the states, and trying to decide if its worth it to bring my bike – will be in Loudes for 4 days

  4. Michael Duggan says:

    “How far up can I ride Tourmalet in mid March?”
    I know its hard to say from year to year….but same question for end of April?
    And some of the other big climbs such as Cirque de Troumouse…are they slower to be cleared when they are dead ends and not Cols?

  5. […] Is Col du Tourmalet open? […]

  6. Stollman says:

    Yesterday the col was passable from both the east and west side by bike. Still closed for cars.

  7. Shaun says:


    I was trying to climb the Col du Tourmalet from Luz Saint Sauveur side today (19th May) but the road was closed, I contemplated going round the barrier anyway and trying but French Police showed up to enforce the message that it was closed

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