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Photo Gallery - New - Velo Peloton
Col de Peyresourde
Cafe on Col de Peyresourde Damaged
Feb 22, 2015
Pyrenees Cycling Lodge
Spring 2015
Mar 17, 2015
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Photo Gallery – New

Map Photo Gallery

Map Photo Gallery

I have a new photo gallery on the site. Not many photos at the moment but I will be adding more as time go by. The main feature is that every photo is geolocated on a map. Whenever you load a photo you will see it’s location on a map. Photos are in galleries and galleries are in categories. Both gallery and category pages will have a map on top with pins. Click on ony of the pins to see a thumbnail of the photo taken at that location, and then click on the thumbnail to see the full photo.

Photo Gallery Maps

On the right above the map there are a series of buttons you can use them to control how the maps and galleries are viewed.

This button is used to display photos in different sizes. image-size

Of particular interest is this button globe

Clicking it will open a full size map with the photo pinned on the map and a film strip at the bottom. Like this example of every photo in the gallery.

Map Photo Gallery

Map Photo Gallery

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